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Fuck the Cultural Olympiad!

The Olympics that has scorched the earth and razed our communities, now seeks to destroy our culture. By co-opting hundreds of artists, the Cultural Olympiad seeks to whitewash the crimes of the Olympics and manufacture an appearance of acceptability. The Cultural Olympiad is using art to disguise capitalist plunder.

Art & Anarchy is positioned in direct conflict with the Cultural Olympiad. Anarchy and Art will bring together a fistful of anti-authoritarian artist who refuse to collaborate with the state. Artists who use art, not just as a tool for social change, but as a weapon to destroy this genocidal system.

Art & Anarchy, is not an art show, but the opening of a cultural front, that will join with the current of resistance against the 2010 Olympics.

Art & Anarchy, seeks to give any and all anti-authoritarian artists the space to show their work, without having to participate in the Institution of Art; The institution which commodifies ‘community art’ and transforms it into the aesthetic of social control.

Art & Anarchy is revolution and solidarity.

March, Friday the 13th – 19th.
16 E. Hastings (basement of historic Tellier Towers)
Unleashing, Fri. 8pm-ish. Open rest of week 3-8pm.





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