Archived Resistance: July 17th – August 8th

ABCF patch - contraband

Archived Resistance:
July 17 to August 8th
Gallery open Weds-Sun: 5:30 – 8:30
{please contact for daytime showings}
16 E. Hastings. Occupied Coast Salish Territories.

Captured from silence and reconfigured in the detonation of struggle.
Archived Resistance is a show of force, of anarchist newsprints and
anti-authoritarian/anti-colonial propaganda, collected from various

Artifacts on display, not to create a prison/museums, but to celebrate
the symbols inscribed within the body memory of the Movement.

Articles, not exhumed to be revered and fetishised, -but to reflect our
streams of resistance;

Streams, that when converge, form violent oceans beautiful enough to
drowned this world of holocausts.

Bring what you can, zines, papers, posters, dreams; donate them to the cause, or- we will make copies of your treasures and pass those copies on to the Anarchist Archive {a digital universe of anarchist press}.

Archived Resistance also features a cataclysmic display of documents,
letters, paraphernalia and tears collected from Political prisoners of
War/Conscious; as gathered by 4StruggleMag.

Workshops and workstations have been assembled to assist in the
writing of letters, from we from without, who will never forgot- to
those within, for whom our every insurrection aims to free.

Coincided with an assortment of workshops, films, presentations,
happenings. To find out when these take place check out this site or email

last godforsaken one


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