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Weds, June 2nd 7:30, 1284 E. Clark

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2010 by momentofinsurrection

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the On-to-Ottawa-Trek;

The On-to-Ottawa Trek was a conjunctive event that escalated the class conflict of depression-era 30’s in Kanada. An army of unemployed workers sailed across half the country on squatted freight trains, picking up a few thousand others, before engaging in a pitched battle against the RCMP—in what has become known as the Regina Riot. From there, six hundred continued the struggle against Fascism by volunteering to fight in Spain with communists and anarchists from across the world.

We will be presenting a series of pictorial and oral documentations of these events, tracing the flight of militants into armed partisans and their trajectory from the hobo jungles to the slave camps; the occupations in Vancouver to the odyssey of the On-to-Ottawa-Trek; the rupturous street battles of the Regina riot to the battlegrounds of the Spanish Civil War.

We hope that you and your comrades will join us and our friends at the 12th and Clark space, to learn from our collective knowledge of these historical events, and in the spirit of those struggles, apply them now to our social conflicts here, in this Global Civil War.